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Quality Assurance Plan

Saalex employs a comprehensive QA review process that contributes to a risk-free business environment for our customers. Our QA plan applies to all Saalex services and deliverables and has proven effective in the course of work on dozens of U.S. Government task orders with excellent results. Saalex's Quality Assurance (QA) Plan establishes and defines the Corporate QA policies, processes, and responsibilities to be used in accomplishing tasks under our customers' contract. The plan is used by Saalex to provide engineering, technical, and programmatic services to our customer and includes task orders of different sizes and complexity in support of a wide range of contractual customers. Because of the diversity of clients and the variety in the scope of work each task is performed under the contract, the general QA Plan will be tailored to ensure compliance with individual task orders executed by the company. This plan delineates general standards to ensure our services and products meet Saalex corporate requirements of the contract.

Our Quality system complies with the international standard ISO 9001; or its technical equivalent ANSI/ISO/ASQ Q9001-2000. Saalex has developed and implemented our quality management system to:

  • Demonstrate our vision to meet customer and regulatory requirements
  • Address customer satisfaction
  • Understand and implement a quality system at Saalex

As a compliant company, Saalex incorporates ISO 9002 Standards with an addition of AS9100 elements to expand effect. As a quality company built on delegation efforts all Quality Systems Conformance Audits will be performed in compliance to Mil Q, Mil I, and ISO Standards.

The delineated written procedures, process flow charts, integrated management team philosophy, a combined procurement quality, mechanical inspection, assembly inspection and technical management provides a solid technical base and the highest quality services and products.

Our plan also covers procedures governing all aspects of quality, including management oversight requirements; work planning and execution; material receipt, storage, and inspection; document control and quality record requirements; worker training and qualifications; formal work procedures; and internal audit functions. Procedures for implementing corrective and preventive measures, precluding organizational conflicts of interests, and meeting urgent customer requirements are covered within the scope of SSI's Quality Plan as well.

With this plan as an instrument, Saalex Solutions, Inc. is committed to establish, document, implement, and maintain a quality management system, and continually improve its effectiveness.

Last Updated (December 3, 2012)