Combined Tactical Training Range

Saalex provided Electronic Warfare (EW) engineering support to the Combined Tactical Training Range (CTTR) at the US. Navy Centroid Complex in Dixie Valley. Saalex support included:

Equipment Operations and Maintenance: Engineering and configuration management support ensures active, inoperable and new or mothballed systems and equipment are maintained at or brought to operational and maintainable condition. Inoperative systems support includes engineering actions necessary to return equipment to operational status. Provides support to include engineering actions on equipment and software changes and additions relative to short-term operational test programs. Configuration Management (CM) support for the Performance Assurance Department. Evaluates and monitors all modifications to equipment or facilities and change requests to improve operability/reliability/maintainability.

Range Equipment Engineering Support: Engineering, manufacturing, construction, installation, operational testing, and integration of equipment and facilities at all sites to ensure the operation of the CTTR as an integrated system to meet functional specifications and customer requirements. Coordination of equipment relocation support to include cost analysis, optimization studies, engineering studies, integration, testing, and installation in support of range growth or other requirements.

Range Facility Support: Implementation of approved engineering project task requirements to include engineering and/or integration of system modification, range reconfigurations, testing, and new facility buildups.