Saalex Corporation Announces New Corporate Staff

Rockledge, FL and Camarillo, CA (Jan. 8, 2019) -- Saalex Corporation recently announced several new additions to our corporate staff. Arthur Glaab has been appointed Chief Strategy Officer for Saalex Solutions. John Dutton is the new Saalex Information Technology Business Development Manager. Both gentlemen are located in our Rockledge office. David Luna is our new Safety and Training Manager in the Temecula office. Tracy Fessler is our new Proposal Manager in the Camarillo office.

As the Chief Strategy Officer, Art Glaab will assist Travis Mack, Saalex Chief Executive Officer (CEO), with the development and execution of strategic initiatives. Mr. Glaab has 35 years in the aerospace and defense industries. Beginning as an engineer on the shuttle program, and culminating as a Vice President of Business Development and Corporate Strategy in a Fortune 500 firm, Mr. Glaab has provided leadership in a wide variety of roles including engineering, program management, business development, corporate strategy, and mergers and acquisitions. Customers that Mr. Glaab has served include the USAF, USA, USN, NASA and the intelligence communities. Mr. Glaab holds a Master of Arts in Finance and Business from Webster University.

John Dutton, SaalexIT Business Development Manager, is responsible for sustaining and growing IT client and partner relationships. He has managed business relationships with Fortune 500 companies, federal government agencies, educational institutions and research laboratories throughout North America. Prior to joining Saalex Solutions, Mr. Dutton has held a variety of business development positions at Emu Technology, Fujitsu America, Inc. and Hewlett-Packard Company. He holds a Master of Science from Johns Hopkins University.

David Luna, Safety and Training Manager is responsible for ensuring safe working environments for all employees in adherence to company policies and government regulations as well as coordinating and documenting required company training such as security and supervisory classes. He began his career in the Marine Corps as a Supply Administrative Clerk but retired as a Counterintelligence/Human Intelligence (CI/HUMINT) Specialist. As a Marine, he held multiple instructor and safety responsibilities. Prior to joining the Saalex team, Mr. Luna worked in Afghanistan as an advisor for the Afghan National Army on intelligence related issues. He has a Bachelor of Science from Park University and has been accepted into Texas A&M University School of Law.

Tracy Fessler, Proposal Manager, will be managing all aspects of proposal development for Saalex Solutions. Ms. Fessler has held various proposal and administrative positions for multiple defense contractors and City of Thousand Oaks. She has a Bachelor of General Studies from Northern Illinois University.

“I am pleased to welcome Art, John, David and Tracy to be part of our talent-rich staff at Saalex,” said Travis Mack, President and CEO, Saalex. “I’m confident that their skills and expertise will contribute significantly to the continued success of Saalex.”

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